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Merry New Year!

2010-01-01 04:06:39 by Player-1

Hey! It's me!
Anyway... IT'S 2010! How awesome is that? I didn't make a post saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah or Kwanzaa or whatever you guys celebrated LAST YEAR!

In other news...
I'm getting me a Graphics Tablet!
Sadly, it's not a Wacom but it'll do.
You can look forward to seeing some better designed games and even some animations when the tablet arrives.

So Merry New Year, Newgrounds!

Madness Day 09

2009-09-22 14:21:44 by Player-1

Mah submission's out.

Go play it.

Madness, Physics and Guitars

2009-09-21 13:02:22 by Player-1

Yo, yo, yo, peeps!
I'm back from Africa!
I bought ma self a souvenir.

You'll never guess what it is?
Given up?

Its a two stringed guitar!
Awesome I know! There's a picture down bottom for you's to see!

Also before I went to Africa, I started making a Madness game for tomorrow! There's a sneak peek of one of the animations as well.
It's a solo project so don't be expecting it for a few days.
I'm also hoping it will be good enough to have medals.

And at the same time I'm programming a physics game!
That won't be done in a while.

My biggest fear though, is that either the file size is too big or it won't be done in time to be eligible for the contest.

Well see ya !

P.S. Two strings! Thats's so awesome!

Madness, Physics and Guitars

Goin to Africa!

2009-09-15 13:57:01 by Player-1

Goin to Africa for 1 week or so!

Might gets me a guitar.
Might see me sum elephants.
Might go to a safari.

Goin to Africa!

Um yea... Noob question here...

2009-09-12 03:48:20 by Player-1

Hey there!

I wuz thinkin of making a collab and I just want to know how you get other people to appear in the Author section.

Comments would be very much appreciated.

See ya!

2 New Submissions Out!

2009-09-01 15:27:40 by Player-1

Hey y'all. Just came to say that to new submission that i've done some programming on are out!
It was just some simple programming fo LavaGuy101. Just replay buttons and stuff like that.

Go check 'em out.

Her are the LINKS:

The Bunnies Ep.1:

Stickman Vs Tankman:


Its Finally Here!

2009-08-12 06:18:04 by Player-1

Yes its here! My quiz made it through judgement!
I submitted this morning!

Here's the link!

Art Party!

2009-08-09 15:31:31 by Player-1

Just to say that I've submitted a whole bunch of my old Pokemon sprites, fused and scratched!
Check out my user page and please reccomand me for the Art Portal!

(For those of you who dont know what 'scratching' is its whien you draw it yourself without using any other sprites).

OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!

2009-07-31 05:05:13 by Player-1

Its every Newgrounders worst nightmare!!!
A power cut!
Yes I had a power cut a few days ago!
I had no power for 3 days straight.

Well thats it and as for my Flash project...
It is nowhere near done so you still ahve to wait a while.

See Ya!

ITS A 3 IN 1 POST!!!!

2009-07-17 12:27:54 by Player-1

Yes, its me here with a random news post to let you know I am still alive!
(I am lazy so that is why I can't be assed to make 3 seperate posts)

Post 1:

I have beaten it! What is it I have beaten you ask?
Well none other than my layer record!
On mah latest project, (which shall be completed soon, i hope) i have beaten the number of layers used.
This may be stooopid to some of u but I consider it a great achievement!

The number of layers I had made before was 14 but now my new layer record is....
(Que drum roll)

... 44!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is my project is going to be a big one, cuz this is headin' straight for Newgrounds!

Post 2:

I have gotten what I consider to be a great medal!
I have gotten....
(Que ANOTHER drum roll)

The Goku medal from Brawl Royale!
This has bossted mah medal score by 100!
Thanks Matt for creating such an EPIC game!

If you don't belive meh, check out my user page for proof! edals/

And Post 3:

I've gotten mehself a new laptop! (w00t!)
It is an ACER Extensa 5230E
I can't be bothered to list all the specs so here is the webpage for it:

Well those are my posts for now!

See Ya!

ITS A 3 IN 1 POST!!!!